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Makers Workspace | Duly Noted ink goes to its first pop up shop!

April marks the month of Duly Noted ink’s first pop up shop! The whole process was so exciting and I wanted to share a few tidbits of my experience.

Setting up – takes a lot longer than you think. Particularly if you read tons of articles saying you should set everything up to see how it looks beforehand. And that in fact was what I was planning to do, but ended up…

  • Buying a (gorgeous) table at Ikea on Tuesday. It stayed in its box until time for actual set up on Saturday.
  • Picking out a clothing rack on Amazon, which arrived Friday. It also hid in its box until set up time!
  • Unloading the car with the hubs with hail pouring down on our heads for a few minutes, which then suddenly let up to sunny skies a few minutes later!

Thankfully, friends stopped by and gave input/helped me put everything together. It was so much fun spending time with them while also meeting the people who liked and purchased our products!

Here’s a snap of the hubby helping me set up! Can you believe he enjoyed it and is looking forward to helping me at future shows? #husbandoftheyear

A few of the wood burned products I designed!

I love how clean and simple everything looked! The products were easy to see and identify, the prices were easy to find, and the color scheme/layout helped people to focus on the product, not just be distracted by a crazy busy display.

A quick glance inside the booth!

Yes, there are a few things I probably would do differently (and I took a few notes on that for next time), but I love the basic set up and am excited to bust out the tables and supplies for future shows I’m in!

Lovely people perusing the booth 🙂

She bought a card to send her friend in so cal. A girl after my own heart 🙂

It’s a thrill meeting the people who come by!

The anticipation of waiting to see what people like!

Here are some photographs my amazing husband took in Yosemite and the eastern Sierras! #talent

And after a few hours, we packed up and rested. So. Pooped guys. But so worth it.

I’ll share more thoughts later (when I have more time to jot things down), but I want to end this by saying I’m so thankful to have had this opportunity to test run my shop booth and see the reaction from customers! I love seeing people’s faces when they say they love and have to have something – makes my day!

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xoxo, Jessica