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DIY Flower Ice Cream Cones


Yum, whatever could this be?!

Hehe, just kidding.

Have I told you just how much I love this DIY flower ice cream cone? Send me a direct message on Instagram if you want me to send you a printable for the cone design, and make sure to drop off your e-mail address to receive my latest DIY/punny endeavors!

What you’ll need:

  • Cone printable
  • Hot glue gun (or just glue + patience)
  • Flowers of your choice, preferably fluffy (like a blushing peony!)
  • Scissors


Step 1: Cut out the printable! Pretty self-explanatory here, I believe!


Step 2: Roll up the cone to the width you want and glue the edge down!


(I just wanted to show the flower petals because peonies are pricey and these were dying and I wanted to capture their fading glory. Okay thanks 🙂 )


Step 3: Insert the peony inside! In the lifestyle shots, I added another peony to act as a “double scoop” and fluff it out! Don’t you love it?? I do!

IMG_9938 (1)

Once scoop for you, two scoops for me…

Peony Ice Cream Cone

If only ice cream grew on trees! But for now, this will do just fine for me!



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