hospitality tray lettering

I’ve been busy rearranging our apartment this past week, and it’s been so much fun! It may or may not also be my only form of exercise in the cold of winter. ;). In the meantime, I got to host a few ladies for a book study through repentance, and it’s been so lovely all year. I wanted to have a center statement piece for the coffee table that would hold the plastic utensils and napkins. Knowing my penchant for puns, I wanted to incorporate that into a cute saying that would greet the ladies as they came in! So the phrase I chose was…Read More →

whipping up puns

Oh, hello world! Welcome to this space where little punnies prance and and words are at play! This project was born from two things: an appreciation for wit and the other handmade. As you wander this site, you may ask yourself, “What does this have to do with me?” I’m thrilled you asked! If you’re a pull yourself up by your bootstraps type, an aspiring upcycler exercising your creative muscles, or enjoy scrolling to get inspired by eye-catching projects, look no further! Follow along with me at Duly Noted, ink. and be sure to crack a smile (and a pun) when you stop by!Read More →