A lot of things in life happen, whether they come in times of sunshine or rain. And regardless, this reminder still stands. I wanted to create a printable for you to use for your home or share with others. If you print out the file (linked for you below), you can hang it up on the fridge or wherever you would like a reminder! Print out the file here: And voila! I hope you enjoyed these work-in-progress snapshots and got inspired to spread smiles wherever you go! Make sure to subscribe to the Duly Noted, ink newsletter to get more inspiration, and remember to stop by my shop toRead More →

April marks the month of Duly Noted ink’s first pop up shop! The whole process was so exciting and I wanted to share a few tidbits of my experience. Setting up – takes a lot longer than you think. Particularly if you read tons of articles saying you should set everything up to see how it looks beforehand. And that in fact was what I was planning to do, but ended up… Buying a (gorgeous) table at Ikea on Tuesday. It stayed in its box until time for actual set up on Saturday. Picking out a clothing rack on Amazon, which arrived Friday. It also hid inRead More →

rose water tutorial

I’m no skin care junkie. Mind you, I don’t have perfect skin (not by a long shot), and I’ve tried many different treatments/products/lines over the years, to no avail. To be fair, by God’s grace, I learned patience (when will this end? I’m in my twenties!) and contentment (fighting the really? breaking out the ONLY day I really didn’t want to?). Buuuut I’m not going to say no to trying something to help my skin be as healthy as possible, and when it’s natural! My sister introduced me to rose water, and incorporating it into a spray bottle to DIY your own facial mist! I’ve fallen in love withRead More →

diy leather metal tattoo earrings

Do you walk around in a store and when you spot a beautifully produced jewelry piece, your first thought isn’t “I need to buy this” but instead, “I could totally DIY that!”? I know I can’t be the only one! With the minimalist trends sweeping the fashion industry, being bombarded by classic products is inevitable. And you know I’m not complaining! My (and the world’s) current love for triangles, leather, and metal accents inspired me to design a unique pair of earrings that you can make in… less than 10 minutes! No, I’m not joking. With these items under your crafting belt, you’ll be able to create at least 25 different jewelry pieces. Don’t worry if youRead More →