DIY splatter tote lifestyle photo

Hey guys! Today is an exciting DIY day because we’re deeper into spring and that means BRIGHT and h-a-p-p-y hues as a whole! This is the perfect craft to keep kids busy and having fun, bringing out the creative DIY-er in you, and for parties such as bridal showers and weddings – whether it’s an activity or a favor! A lovely design like this will make put a win in the bag for sure ;). You’re looking at an artsy-fartsy kinda #ootd, with the colors most associated with spring and organic, spontaneous paint splatters! So let’s get started! What you’ll need: a plain fabric tote oneRead More →

diy leather metal tattoo earrings

Do you walk around in a store and when you spot a beautifully produced jewelry piece, your first thought isn’t “I need to buy this” but instead, “I could totally DIY that!”? I know I can’t be the only one! With the minimalist trends sweeping the fashion industry, being bombarded by classic products is inevitable. And you know I’m not complaining! My (and the world’s) current love for triangles, leather, and metal accents inspired me to design a unique pair of earrings that you can make in… less than 10 minutes! No, I’m not joking. With these items under your crafting belt, you’ll be able to create at least 25 different jewelry pieces. Don’t worry if youRead More →

whipping up puns

Oh, hello world! Welcome to this space where little punnies prance and and words are at play! This project was born from two things: an appreciation for wit and the other handmade. As you wander this site, you may ask yourself, “What does this have to do with me?” I’m thrilled you asked! If you’re a pull yourself up by your bootstraps type, an aspiring upcycler exercising your creative muscles, or enjoy scrolling to get inspired by eye-catching projects, look no further! Follow along with me at Duly Noted, ink. and be sure to crack a smile (and a pun) when you stop by!Read More →