DIY Lemon Pepper Salmon & Pencil Asparagus

DIY Lemon Pepper Salmon & Pencil Asparagus

baked salmon

This week’s meal winner features the protein that was on sale this week: fresh wild caught salmon! Lemon always makes a perfect pairing with salmon, and so I wanted to create a delicious meal for the hubby – and he did enjoy it! This meal disappeared really quickly! If you want to see how I made it visually, click any of the images to see a video!

What you’ll need:

olive oil

Step 1: Pour 1/4 cup olive oil into the Pyrex cup.

lemon juice

Step 2: Quarter a lemon and squeeze the juice to the oil!


Step 3: Mince 2 tbsp garlic and add that in as well!

kosher salt

Step 4: Sprinkle in a dash of kosher salt…


Step 5: and another dash of black pepper!


Step 6: Mix it all together and brush the salmon filets with a pastry brush. Make sure the salmon filets are placed on a foil wrapped baking sheet to allow for easy clean up.

pastry brush

Step 7: Make sure to get the garlic pieces on really well!

lemon slice

Step 8: Add 1 pound of pencil asparagus around the salmon. Top the salmon filets with vibrant lemon slices!

brush on oil

Step 9: Make sure to brush the veggies with the remaining olive oil mixture!

broil salmon

Step 10: Broil everything for 10 minutes, until the salmon is cooked through. Plate and enjoy!

And that’s it! I hope you enjoyed this scrumptious recipe. Have a lovely day!


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