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30 Second Dessert | Sweet Watermelon Yogurt Dip

This sweet watermelon yogurt dip has lovely and healthy flavor! It’s easy make and takes less than 30 seconds to prepare. It’s delicious and can be eaten on its own for breakfast, if you’re in the mood! It’s great to make for a large gathering, or just for a few friends who stop by. I hope you enjoy this […]

baked salmon

DIY Lemon Pepper Salmon & Pencil Asparagus

This week’s meal winner features the protein that was on sale this week: fresh wild caught salmon! Lemon always makes a perfect pairing with salmon, and so I wanted to create a delicious meal for the hubby – and he did enjoy it! This meal disappeared really quickly! If you want to see how I […]

lemon simple syrup

DIY Lemon Simple Syrup!

Lemon is one of those fruits that adds incredible flavor and can be used in both sweet and savory ways. It’s been a latest obsession of mine, and I have scrumptious recipes up my sleeve for lemon uses! Here I have a sweet way to extract lemon to flavor all kinds of desserts with a lemon […]


Easy Watermelon Spice Sprinkle

This watermelon spice has lovely savory flavor! It’s easy to make, with ingredients you probably have in the kitchen already. It was so fun to see the spice disappearing at the get-together and seeing people enjoy this summer dessert! When it gets hot, just throw together this little food DIY and add flavor to your […]

watermelon slushie drink

Watermelon Lemonade Slushie Recipe

The heat wave has been crazy this past week, and the main thing that got me through last summer was a refreshing watermelon slushie! And this time, I wanted to make a twist on it with another one of my favorite drinks – lemonade! Read on to see how to make this oh-so-simple cooling delight! […]


DIY Neon Pineapple Shoes

‘Tis the season for pineapples, am I right? I see them every time I turn my head, and I’m not complaining! My husband must be quite the hipster, as he helped me make think up this shoe pattern – not this past month, but last year! What a forward thinker, yeah? And how simple of […]


DIY Wedding Gift | Handmade Photo Frame

This DIY photo frame gives me all the feels! One of my good friends got married (indeed, ’tis the season of weddings, yes?) and I had the privilege of being able to attend. For this momentous occasion, I dreamed up a project that would be: FUNCTIONal: useful FUNctional: and fun FunctionAL(L): and thoughtful through and […]

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DIY Flower Ice Cream Cones

Yum, whatever could this be?! Hehe, just kidding. Have I told you just how much I love this DIY flower ice cream cone? Send me a direct message on Instagram if you want me to send you a printable for the cone design, and make sure to drop off your e-mail address to receive my latest DIY/punny endeavors! […]


DIY Alcohol Ink Abstract Nail Design

A little win for Duly Noted, ink! As a designer at Darby Smart, I enjoy sharing projects and sneak peeks of projects I create for DNI on the site. And the project I’m sharing with you today was one of the top 6 videos watched on the entire site for this past week! It might […]

tortilla chip how to

DIY Tortilla Chips!

So I know my sweet tooth is pretty big, but I’ve recently been discovering that I really enjoy the savory crunch! My husband and I enjoy going to the Taco Tuesdays, and I always dip my tortilla chips into the cheesy beans they provide. Sooo good, my friend.But sometimes, I feel the need to try […]