Wild & Free Quote Free Printable

As winter starts winding down and spring approaches, I wanted to design a fun free printable to embody the spirit of the new season! I wanted to try watercoloring minimalist leaves – and these are all over Pinterest these days! After styling the leaves, I thought a dusty rose pink would be a gorgeous backdrop […]

rose water tutorial

DIY Rose Water Labeling Kit

I’m no skin care junkie. Mind you, I don’t have perfect skin (not by a long shot), and I’ve tried many different treatments/products/lines over the years, to no avail. To be fair, by God’s grace, I learned patience (when will this end? I’m in my twenties!) and contentment (fighting the really? breaking out the ONLY day I really […]

baby first birthday lumberjack party favor tag

DIY Lumberjack Party Gift Tags

One of my lovely friends from church has a handsome 1 year old son, and she chose to do a lumberjack theme for his birthday! I went over to help her with party favors, and she kindly made me lunch – a delicious grilled cheese with lots of veggies and hummus on the side. Yum! […]

free hugs cactus embroidery

DIY | Free Hugs Cactus Lettered Embroidery

It’s the season of love, springtime, and DIYs! I’m sharing a fun embroidery project I took on to incorporate hand lettering into a different medium than paper! I love the look of cross-stitching and embroidery and to try something new, took a stab at this beauty. This was my first embroidery project and I love how […]

How To Layer A Galaxy Print Over Lettering

Today I’m sharing with you how to make a galaxy print for a lovely home decor statement! Wherever I am, no matter how I feel, it’s such a lovely blessing to be able to look at the stars (or sometimes just the fog) and be reminded of how small I am in this big world! […]

farmhouse printable

DIY | 3 FREE Farmhouse Rustic Printables!

I’m thrilled to share something with you today I hope you’ll love – FREE printables! And not just one, but three! And even more exciting, Lisa over at Loveli Channel and I dreamed this sweet treat for you – she’s sharing 3 ways to decorate frames using items from the Dollar tree and how she made a […]